Poems and Drawings by Marilyn Peretti

Let Wings Take You

Words in poetry dedicated
to preserving earth's ancient winged creatures,
the cranes.

"Let Wings Take You will be cherished by nature lovers and poetry enthusiasts alike. Written by an avid observer of cranes, these poems are as much about the life and habits of cranes as about human experience and aspiration. Marilyn Peretti's wings of imagination will brush each of us in a unique way and lift us to a higher altitude of inspiration."

        Bill Marr, Autumn Window, and 13 books of poetry in Chinese
        Downers Grove, Illinois

"Marilyn Peretti expresses in poetry what I feel about cranes but am unable to adequately express in words. Her poems bring to me the spiritual essence of these remarkable birds that have inspired poets since times untold."

        George Archibald, Ph.D.
        Cofounder (1973), International Crane Foundation
        Baraboo, Wisconsin

"Born of her deep concern and admiration, Marilyn Peretti's poems are tributes to the great winged cranes and other fragile treasures of the earth. With her work, she gives the reader wings of words, and urges them to 'reclaim your own place in the sky'."

        Donna DeMeyer, Michgian poet
        Artists Among Us 2002, Wayne County Council of the Arts
        Moderator of the Savannah Series, Plymouth, Michigan

New Poetry Book, 2012: To Remember To Hope, Thoughts of Japan and Haiti. Here the author invites you to come into the spirit of great loss, - regarding the tsunami and earthquakes - recovery efforts, and hope.

To purchase this book, go to www.blurb.com > the Bookstore > Author's name or Book Title.


       Rumors float all the way to Tokyo.
       Though Nanyo is a distance from Fukishima City.

       there are doubts about it’s most delicious rice,
       the 400 year old rice farm of Mr. Kurosawa —

       farming learned from father,
       and fathers, and fathers before.

       He wants to hand it on to his son
       Takuma, who wrote as a child,

       “My Dad is cool. I want to grow up
       to be like my Dad.” Worried Kurosawa

       ponders removing the top layer of soil
       and raking into fresh earth

       the healing nectar of cherry blossoms.

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Here is a small, gentle book of Marilyn's poems about various nature subjects.
The covers are from a large, life-sized watercolor of an old limb covered with blue lichen --
delicate, vulnerable, tough. This book can be purchased at www.blurb.com
selecting their "Bookstore", and the title or author's name.

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First Prize for poem Coming Apart,
by Current Literary Competiton, 2000, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Second Prize for poem New Places,
by The Conference on Aging, 2003, Chicago, Illinois

Awarded prizes for numerous poems by Poets and Patrons of Chicago, Illinois.

Seven Wonders of the Poetry World, 2006. Book, Let Wings Take You selected for this recognition by www.ChicagoPoetry.com

First Prize for poem Divestiture, by The Labyrinth Society, 2006.

Awarded Honorable Mention for Pads People, by Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, 2009.

Nominated by Chicago Poetry.com for PUSHCART POETRY PRIZE, 2010

Peretti awarded First Prize for poem, Graffiti in Tunisia: Merci Facebook,
by Current Literary Competiton, 2011, Ann Arbor, Michigan . . . . . . . . . . . . photo >

Third Prize for poem, At Sitka,
by Current Literary Competition, 2012, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

First Prize for poem, Are You Abdullah?, in category "Hope"
by Illinois State Poetry Society, 2015

Past poems published in: California Quarterly, Christian Science Monitor, Black Bear Review, Rockford Review, Urban Spaghetti, Seeding the Snow, The Bugle (Int'l Crane Foundation), Our Developing World's Voices, Luke Lookout, Prairie Light Review, Parnassus Literary Journal, CURRENT of Ann Arbor, The Leaflet, (Nature Artists' Guild of The Morton Arboretum), www.poetrysky.com (Chinese translations), Talking River Review, Arts Beat magazine, www.seastories.org by Blue Ocean Institute, 2005 anthology Beyond Katrina, the 2006 anthology on endangered species, The Dire Elegies, program of Breast Cancer Connections (Palo Alto, CA), CRAM 2, CRAM 3, CRAM 4, CRAM 6, CRAM 8, CRAM 10 (Chicagopoetry.com Press; name changed 2012 to Jrnl of Modern Poetry), Journal of Modern Poetry, 2013; Kane County Chronicle's Poetry Pages, 2008; Talking River, 2009; The Deronda Review, 2010; posted in Highland Park/Evanston busses, January, 2010; online 2013, 2016; Fox Cry Review (U.Wis), 2012; seven poems in The Ultimate Chicago Poetry Anthology, 2012; Kyoto Journal #77, 2012 (pgs 102 & 105); Tipton Poetry Review, Fall, 2014; Fukishima: Words Fly Away, 2014; New Verse News - www.newversenews.com (8 poems), 2015, 2016; Wilda Morris Poetry Challenge, 2015, 2018 Li Poetry, Chinese bi-monthly poetry journal, Winter 2016; Grey Sparrow Journal (online), 2017; Snowy Egret, Spring/Autumn 2017(issued 2018).

Peretti designed and edited Choclate Covered, a brief chapbook of poems by active members of the Arbor Hill Gang of Chicago's western suburbs, 2010

Mini Japanese Fold books, with 5 poems each, 2010: Poems for You; 2011: Girlfriends Again; Little Gardens;2015: Always

To Remember, To Hope, 2012 chapbook of poems reflecting thoughts on Japan and Haiti. Buy at www.blurb.com

Lichen, poems of nature, 2013 collections of 35 poems reflecting nature. Buy at www.blurb.com

Angel's Wings, 2015, poems on the mysterious organisms: mushrooms. Buy at www.blurb.com

Rehab Poems, 2016, short collections of poems written while in Rehabilitation

Veronika, in Poetry for Ukraine, anthology from U.K., 2022; First Days of War in Ukraine, Highland Park Poetry (online)
Fourteen poems published on New Verse News (online), two of them on the Ukraine war in 2022:>Socks, and What In God's Name?

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